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David Baker - BSc.( Hons ), MSc.(Hons)

David has spent many years working with the design and development of laser technology for both military, industrial and medical applications. David has managed and worked in a thin film coating production operation for more than 10 years.

With a focus on small to medium size enterprises and having liaised with Bob Schaeffer at different times throughout the past decade, David saw how he could combine his considerable expertise with that of Bob to form Optical Coating Associates.

Bob Schaeffer - BSc.( Hons ), MSc., PhD

Bob initially worked as an Ionospheric Physicist with the Australian Antarctic Research Expeditions at the Mawson base, before pursuing studies that led to a PhD in the field of Optical Aeronomy. While undertaking a post-doctoral stint in the U.S., Bob was at one time the Test Scientist for a Johns Hopkins University contract with NASA for the Apollo 17 moon exploration mission.

This type of experience combined with over 20 years in the Precision Optics industry, and with a proven capability to design, manufacture and characterise an extensive range of multilayer optical coatings has contributed to Bob's skills in the areas of research, analysis, problem solving and strategic planning.

For more than 20 years, Bob managed a commercial optical coatings operation in Adelaide, catering for a significant portion of the coatings needs of the scientific optics industry within Australia and succeeded in the establishment of unique thin film designs for broad band Fabry Perot etalon applications.

Bob has in recent years demonstrated an ability to generate computer code in Matlab and Simulink for specific programs ranging from basic data management to Monte Carlo simulation models. His general scientific knowledge and breadth of experience makes him an invaluable part of OCA's management team.

Feel free to contact one of our experienced and friendly staff at any time to answer any questions you may have.


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